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Dear Friend,

Yeah, it's that good, and definitely not for the masses.

I'm not going to start out this letter by "sucker punching" you with the stick of pain and empathy. Because we both know the frustrations marketers face these days.

Also, I don't think I need to dangle the "dream carrot" of unlimited time, freedom and wealth in front of your face. Because we already know that's what we all want.

Maybe you're making six figures and want to add a zero to your bottom line. Maybe you're a complete green newbie struggling to make your online marketing business "take off".

Doesn't matter...

"Because I'm About To Rock Your World With The Most Incredible 'Wallet Stuffing' Offer You've Ever Seen In Your Life..."

I know what you’re thinking…

“But, wait… what’s all this wallet stuffing talk? I thought this was about copywriting techniques?”


It is...

 ...They are one and the same.

When you know how to write persuasive copy you’re always one sales message away from a payday.

Need traffic for an affiliate offer?… Write strong copy for an ad an Poof! MONEY APPEARS

Need conversions for your product?…Write strong copy for an ad an Poof! MONEY APPEARS

Need customers for your offline business?… Write strong copy for an ad an Poof! MONEY APPEARS

It really is a magical thing.

When you come to understand copywriting the way you understand breathing, making money online becomes easy.

I know for a matter of fact that I will never have to work again.

I know for a matter of fact even if my business fails I’m never truly out of business.

I know for a matter of fact that if I suddenly became broke and homeless today, I could get paid enough to change that tomorrow.

I know these things because if I can’t do anything else, I can sell.

When you can sell things like…

  • Traffic
  • Create products or be an affiliate
  • Sales funnels
  • Blogging
  • Website creation
  • Branding
  • JV relationships
  • List building
  • Customer retention
  • Google/Facebook bans

All become irrelevant.

Because, I know at the end of the day I can always rely on my copy to generate a payday whenever I need it.

Come rain, sleet, or snow… Good copy delivers.

So, how did I get so good at copy?


I asked myself this question…

Why is it that some marketers seem to have all the luck?

It's like some people can trip in shit and turn it into gold... While others seem to have a curse of turning gold into lead.

Well, it's not luck...

I see it all the time, the biggest difference between the haves and the have not's is one simple thing... they all had a coach... myself included.

When I figured out that I needed help with copy some 5 years ago I bought a $3,000 home study course, then I paid a accomplished copywriter $1,000 per month for 12 months to coach and critique me through the lessons I learned from his course.

From there I studied, copied, dissected, and bought from some of the biggest names out there like… John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace, Gary Bencivenga, to name a few.

And, I haven’t stopped. I invest in masterminds, copy critiques, workshops, live events, premium coaching, membership sites, and newsletters to this very day.

Constantly improving, and polishing my craft.

But, here’s the best part for you…

You don’t have to do all that. I’ve provided a shortcut that leap frogs the years-long learning curve I went through. This is the course I’ve wanted to teach for years and now it’s finally here, it’s called:

Machine Gun Copy

A complete, 4 week copywriting bootcamp that quickly gives you the elite-level secrets, skills and strategies needed to write hot, compelling advertising that... is impossible to ignore... forces people to buy... and... can make you very rich, very fast!

Why did I title the bootcamp Machine Gun Copy? There are four reasons actually:

Reason #1: The insider information in the course can shortcut your learning curve—for real—by years.  (And in reality, on your own, you might not ever get to the skill level these secrets, skills, and strategies will allow.)

Reason #2: In the bootcamp, you'll discover many legitimate shortcuts to the copywriting process... that... not only help you write more, faster... but also help you write more persuasively.

Reason #3: There are Practice Exercises at the end of each lesson to refer to and refresh your memory before (and during) each promotion you write.  These are especially useful if you are stuck for ideas or just want to brainstorm how "best" to approach a particular ad, sales letter or campaign.  (I use these exercises to stay fresh even though it's MY bootcamp.  After all, who can remember everything at all times?)

Reason #4:  The phrase “Machine Gun” has great appeal.  Especially in this day and age when there is so much to do and so much to keep up with.  I love it when I find a—for real—better, faster way of accomplishing something.  As do most people. In a way that I can deploy quick and reap the benefits of even quicker.

So those are the four reasons I chose the title.

I designed the course in a logical, step-by-step, easy-to-understand fashion.  I’ll take you by the hand from day 1 to day 30 and show you exactly how it is done.  No guesswork.  No theory.  No B.S.  Nothing to work out on your own.  Just clear, simple instructions written in plain English.    

Here’s a "sneak peek" into the hard-won, insider secrets each week reveals…

Week 1: Headlines, Bullets, And All That Good Stuff!

  • The four crucial elements found in every great headline! (These elements  force people to read your advertising... because... they strike right at the heart of basic human nature.  The same human nature that hasn't changed since the beginning of recorded history.  If you don't infuse your headline with at least one— preferably, two or more—of these critical elements every time... you're doomed to fail!)
  • How To Write EXPLOSIVE Benefits!  The REAL truth about presenting the benefits of your goods and services, that make your prospects salivate!
  • A simple headline test question you must ask yourself every time.  (Quickly tighten up and improve readership and response of every headline you write from now on.  This "trim the fat" secret—until now—has only been known to an elite handful of the top writers in the world!)
  • How to "cheat" and "steal" your way to killer headlines! (A technique so simple and effective, even a novice copywriter can use it to turn out a masterpiece in a few minutes!  100% legal and ethical, by the way.)
  • The most effective—in terms of persuasion—type of bullet you can write!  (You actually play on two inborn traits of human nature with this type of bullet to get maximum effect!)
  • Why almost all your bullets should be "blind"!
  • How to use the special bullet used by some of the largest direct marketing companies in the world to: (1) Increase credibility and believability.  (2) Lower the prospect’s defenses… and… (3) Increase desire for your product or service!

Week 2: Get Your Ads Right!... Right Now...

  • "Destroy The Competition" Myth: Contrary to conventional wisdom, you almost never need to consider your competition, and yet... most people waste loads of time worrying about, and trying to eliminate their competition in their sales letters and ads. You'll discover the one sure-fire way to make sure your competition never even enters your buyer's mind! (Wouldn't it be nice never to have to deal with that again?)
  • How to make certain your prospects immediately read your ad (This is very manipulative and tremendously powerful!)
  • The greatest advertising secret ever discovered, and how it can make each of your advertising dollars do the work of 5 or 6. (This is how to guarantee a 200% or better return on every ad you launch!)
  • The most important advertising question you will EVER ask. Just five simple words, but they trigger more giant breakthroughs than any other sentence ever spoken! (When you fill in these five blanks you’ll be a ad writing machine conquering every traffic source in your path.)
  • How to take what the masters of marketing have created... earned millions of dollars from... and use for your own profit!
  • The ONLY Two reasons any prospect clicks an ad (it’s not what you think)
  • The 3 most important and overlooked questions you must ask yourself to make sure your ad or sales letter is focused!

Week 3: Presell, Squeeze, Promote, Profit All Day Long...

  • The easiest way to persuade your best prospects to desire your product intensely—so much so that they’ll never truly feel satisfied with anyone else’s similar product. (When you use this to warm up a prospect for a sales presentation something magical happens that just oozes cash)
  • How to use “the contrast principle” of modern psychology to enhance the perception of your product’s value as never before—just as a magician can make you see what he wants you to see.
  • How to harness people’s desires gracefully, discreetly, and subtly - so that you do not come across as being overtly manipulative. (Otherwise, your prospect, like a wary fish, will spot the hook and refuse to bite.)
  • How to make your copy believable. Your own personal conviction is critical, but these subtle secrets will get your readers to drop their defenses completely, and really trust you.
  • How to forsake the realm of fact to better tell the truth... why facts tell and stories sell. (This is a very different way of approach landing pages, that you see very few do, but those that do consistently CRUSH IT!)
  • How to use a series of congruent ads effectively to ratchet up your conversion rate. (This sales flow is hypnotic, yes… I use that word purposely… wait until you see what I am talking about.)
  • An ancient method of harnessing ‘intention’ power to guide your prospect to buying without them even knowing what's happening! (Its dangerously effective. You must use this with great caution and care!)

Week 4: The Grand Poobah!... 'The Salesletter'...

  • How to make irresistible emotional offers that sell! Next to your headline, your offer is the most important part of your marketing. I'll show you, a very easy and formulaic approach to making your offers as appealing, and as mouth-wateringly irresistible, as possible!
  • What specific questions to ask before you can laser-focus in on your target market (This gives you that laser focus that will speak to specific prospects in the specific way they need to be spoken to that forces them to feel like they HAVE TO buy… this is huge!)
  • How to identify the absolute most important benefit to your customer in less than 5 minutes (This is a full time online career right here, you master this and everything else is cake)
  • Discover the right “trigger” words that practically force your reader to drop everything to read your sales letter. (Certain words create certain images in the mind of your prospects. When you can control the images in their mind, you can control where those images lead to them… which in this case is to the checkout button:-))
  • You’ll learn the secret to a powerful lead – an opening so irresistible that your reader will want to buy what you’re selling after reading the first two paragraphs.
  • You’ll learn how to critique your own work … and a “power-editing” technique that will guarantee your letter is the strongest it can be, time after time. (This is crucial, if you don’t know how to objectively evaluate your copy, you’ll never know how to improve it)
  • How to find the most riveting (and often overlooked) angles that make information-overloaded Web surfers stop dead in their tracks and read every word of your copy!

Here's What You'll Receive When You Get Machine Gun Copy Today:

  • 2 Guides that will teach you the philosophy behind writing copy that ethically FORCES people to buy from you.
  • Daily emails straight your inbox 5 days a week for 4 weeks. The content of these emails will teach you each specific copy type, and give you a proven structure for all of the most profitable types of copy that exist.
  • Daily hand writing exercises that will take less than 25 minutes to complete. This Ad Copy designed to entertain, teach, build a long-term relationship...and most of all MAKE MONEY.
  • You'll have a complete sales funnel of your own in just 4 weeks.
  • An exact day-by-day sequence to use for your cold traffic flow that guarantees conversions.
  • A MASSIVE swipe library with tons of examples to model and use as reference so you're never lost again when it comes time to write some money-making copy.

All you have to do is hit the BUY NOW button below to get all of this right now.

But, before you head off to that button let me make my Guarantee to you.

YOUR FIRST GUARANTEE: You have 2 full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and if for any reason or even no reason at all, you want a full refund, just shoot me a quick email and you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked. You do not need a “my dog ate my homework” story. No questions, no hassle, no fine print. Incidentally, we are devoted to helping small businesses and working with satisfied customers. If you are not going to profit from the bootcamp, we would prefer to buy it back.

YOUR SECOND GUARANTEE: If you keep the system after two months, we will ride along with you for another 10 months and if, after a full year, you can show us proof that you did all the exercises in the bootcamp, and you can look us in the eye thru email and tell us that you didn’t get your money’s worth. We will still refund every penny you’ve paid.

So, There’s Absolutely No Way You Can Make A Mistake By Investing Today!

Here's The Awesome Part... You Get All This For Just...


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