Learn How She Generated 9,857 FREE Leads, 639 Sign-Ups, and 6-Figures+ in Affiliate Commission!
Learn How She Generated 9,857 FREE Leads, 639 Sign-Ups, and 6-Figures+ in Affiliate Commission!

Consider Working From Home

There are many positive and negative outcomes to working from home. To start with it is very convenient and efficient use of time in that you do not have a long commute to the place of work which many people do not like. However there are also many negatives that include distractions that one might be faced with.

So it is important to have a lot of discipline with yourself and develop a strict schedule that you must follow so keeping to a regular work regime. It would be very helpful to have an office in your home or a designated work space so you don’t have the temptation of watching television or doing other things you should not be doing.

Give yourself a break! Everyone gets a thirty minute to an hour lunch break so allow yourself that time to get some lunch, chat with a family member or friend, or even sneakily turn the tv on for one episode of your favorite show. Don’t treat working from home like a prison! It’s very lucky when you are able to do this! Just make sure you keep yourself to a schedule. You make the decision whether you want to work 8 hours, 4 hours, or even 12 hours a day! You are your own boss.

Here are a couple of ideas to guide you into discovering what you would like to do as a career from the comfort of your own home. You could be a book keeper, appointment maker, lead arranger, social media manager, and of course a writer! Blogging sounds like a great and fun way to create a career! Some good places to start would be Upworker, Freelancer, Fiverr or Fivesquid.

There are also a number of pages, groups and contacts that can be reached out to on Social Media where work from home positions can be found. Always be aware that some of the offers might be frauds and certainly do not part with any money to register your details or to ‘receive further details by email’.

You may indeed decide that rather than competing in the freelancer market actually you would prefer to own your own business, which can be operated from a home environment. In this internet age many individuals are making the choice which offers a lot of flexibility in their work schedule and quality of life.

The ability to work at home, from a library, social hub, café or actually anywhere with a power supply and internet connection has a big appeal to many potential entrepreneurs. There will be limitations to the type of business you can consider but with the opportunity to work with freelancers around the world so leveraging your time and skills this opens up many possibilities.

Such a scenario would be that one or more freelancers could be hired to research then source a product to sell, create an ecommerce website to present the offer, provide search engine optimisation for the site to achieve good positioning in the search engines, create online marketing campaigns through press release, article submissions, Social Media posts with follow up engagement, customer support to include answering queries, placing of online adverts to attract more awareness and sales then delivery of orders by a drop shipping company. All of this can be done without the business owner having to directly employ anyone or handle a product!

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