Learn How She Generated 9,857 FREE Leads, 639 Sign-Ups, and 6-Figures+ in Affiliate Commission!
Learn How She Generated 9,857 FREE Leads, 639 Sign-Ups, and 6-Figures+ in Affiliate Commission!

100 Ways To Get More Customers

  1. Source underserved niches
  2. Thoroughly research a niche before entering
  3. Get to know your niche
  4. Become the ‘go to person’ in the niche
  5. Study your sector trends and news
  6. Test the competitions buying process
  7. Understand who is your ideal customer
  8. Price might not be paramount, it might be quality
  9. Your Unique Selling Point must be relevant to prospects
  10. Ask for testimonials and referrals
  11. Pay local suppliers commission for introductions
  12. Become the preferred business partner
  13. Be available for interviews
  14. Create and distribute press releases
  15. Use eventbrite.com to organise awareness events
  16. Provide branded hand outs at events
  17. Attend industry events and hand out business cards
  18. Collect data compliant details of contacts at events
  19. Always carry your contact details with you
  20. Make sure your business cards highlight top benefits
  21. Create a data regulation compliant database of contacts
  22. Make regular contact with the list by mail, email or phone
  23. Develop your network on Social Media
  24. Form strategic alliances
  25. Generate awareness that creates leads
  26. Produce free publicity in all online and offline channels
  27. Use freelance telemarketers to bring in leads
  28. Engage sales agents to make cold and warm calls 
  29. Use contacts to sell products into other territories
  30. Ask Government organisations for advice and grants
  31. Network in industry relevant online forums and groups
  32. Join relevant local and national trade associations
  33. Capture leads on a website
  34. Make your website easy to navigate
  35. Learn from competitors websites
  36. Be sure website visitors will easily find what they want
  37. On the website have an instant chat facility 
  38. Have a strategy to drive traffic to a website
  39. Monitor the website traffic strategy
  40. Test the website is accessible on all devices
  41. Provide guidance on how visitors navigate the website
  42. Confirm the website is search engine friendly
  43. Create website content that will attract visitors
  44. Offer content to industry commentators then request a link
  45. Keep website content current remove out of date information
  46. Only use engaging and quality copy
  47. Provide easy access to contact information
  48. Create a blog in addition to your website
  49. Offer free incentives to site visitors ie download or discount
  50. Check all internal and incoming links work correctly
  51. Test how fast your website loads
  52. Retarget website visitors
  53. Build lookalike audiences from your existing customers
  54. Use smart links when sharing content on social media
  55. Include product or service images in banner ads
  56. Keep your advert copy and images consistent
  57. Provide a smooth transition from advert to website
  58. A/B Test adverts
  59. Include a call to action in adverts
  60. Produce videos to post on social media platforms
  61. Add longtail keywords in video descriptions
  62. Seek a prospects immediate commitment with an offer
  63. Regularly test advertisement response and conversions
  64. Research sourcing customers in other countries
  65. Source commission agents in other territories to supply leads
  66. Write a book about your niche and include contact details
  67. Create an informative podcast include questions answered
  68. Ask guests on a podcast to supply links to your website
  69. Have a social media plan don’t make random comments
  70. Use auto posting software for regular posts on social media
  71. Encourage readers and followers to interact with content
  72. Be sure adverts or content link to a relevant landing page
  73. Have multiple ways of contacting prospects and customers
  74. Increase email opens promote an offer via Social Media
  75. Take space at shows & events to create product awareness
  76. Use case studies to confirm how a product or service works
  77. Use call to actions (request contact details) in content
  78. Inspire confidence be professional respect data protection
  79. Be sure to use bold and clear images in any presentation
  80. Stand out in a row of competitors leaflets or adverts
  81. Piggyback on familiar images but do not infringe copyright
  82. Provide a variety of advert sizes that retain the same style
  83. Promote a product/service in unique ways ie car park tickets
  84. Combine online and offline marketing campaigns
  85. Use free newspapers for promotions
  86. Contract a mailing house to send data compliant postcards
  87. Suitable products advertised on billboards will be effective
  88. Offer and be available  for interview on regional radio
  89. A brands Public Relations (PR) will keep it in the public mind
  90. Television is effective and positive mentions build awareness
  91. Data compliant SMS can develop contact with customers
  92. On site Visual Display Units can capture prospects details
  93. Add competition links onto receipts for data gathering
  94. Create a free to use app and create product awareness
  95. Build anticipation release content and detail what comes next
  96. Test to be sure promo emails are not going to spam folders
  97. Create low priced courses to sell on educational platforms
  98. Contact relevant Social Media influencers for product promos
  99. Impact marketing create a story that the media pick up on
  100. Sponsor a worthy cause ie football team, abandoned animal   

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